Actor Bairagi’s exclusive video from hide location

After missing the last 41 days bhidiobarta Send an actor Fakhrul Hasan Bairagi from an undisclosed location. The bhidiobarta NTV on Monday to come online. Bhidiobartaya recluse that he is healthy and safe place. His disappearance is totally false news. Hassan’s wife Razia claimed recluse promote this false information intentionally. He said the message, he’s actually hiding sbecchatei.
Bhidiobartaya Fakhrul Hasan Bairagi said, “I Fakhrul Hasan recluse. On the evening of September 17, 2016 in English, some in the media today at a news of my disappearance, I’m pleasantly surprised. In this context, I am not persuaded by anyone consciously healthy brain, all my relatives, friends and well-wishers, I want to say to my wife Razia Hassan made a statement that identified the woman, completely false, motivated and part of a plot to hurt my reputation. I’m healthy now, I’m normal and safe place. However, for the sake of saving life and safety of my current position I am hiding. I’m sorry for that. Since I am an adult man, and therefore would like to say that to be so in the future with the Razia Hassan I do not want to keep any contact or relationship, and I hope I can get the cooperation of all. In a word, my sick mother, my brothers and sisters all over the dispute Razia Hassan mentioned that to me, it’s completely false, motivated and misleading. I want to pray to anyone, as long as I live, or live as long as I’m healthy, safe and well can live in peace. This will bless you all. Allah hafiz.’
On the other hand, said that he has been missing since August 7 Bairagir wife Razia Hassan. Razia claimed at the time, was missing due to family Fakhrul Hasan recluse. However, rejecting the claims of these bhidiobartaya recluse.